Pilks Juniors/Adults match Sandy's 12th July

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Pilks Juniors/Adults match Sandy's 12th July

Post by ste hammy snr on Sun Jul 13, 2008 7:51 am

Another fantastic turn out today on Sandy's with 16 Juniors and 9 Adults turning up for the Junior/Adult pairs match.The Adults put their names in a bag and the Juniors picked out who they were going to be partnered with,we had to commandeer 3 of the Juniors (Gaz Shaw,Jhonathon Fairhurst and Luke James) to fish with another Junior to make up the pairs with one team having 3 as a team .All the Juniors and Adults seemed to enjoy themselves with quite a few Juniors and Adults not weighing in due to all the rain weve had in the last couple of days and putting a lot of cold water in.The fish just wasn't on the feed has they have been.Gaz Shaw was putting quite a few carp in his net,Eric Atherton,Ryan Robinson and Tom Sumner had a few carp between them.Viv Lee,Ste Hammy jnr,Clive Atherton,Alan Charnock,Dave Sumner and Dave James of the Adults had put some carp in there nets.
I would like to thank all the Juniors,Mums,Dads and Adults who made it possible to have this pairs match

Results over 14s
1st Gaz Shaw (peg 17) 15lb 14oz
2nd Ryan Robinson (peg 36) 5lb 6oz
3rd Tom Sumner (peg 27) 2lb 3oz

Results under 14s
1st Eric Atherton (peg 20) 1lb 10oz
2nd Steven McCormick (peg 35) 5oz

Adults results
1st Ste Hammy jnr (peg 12) 5lb 9oz
2nd Alan Charnock (peg 19) 4lb 10oz
3rd Dave James (peg 18,) 3lb 9oz

The Overall Pairs results
1st Gaz Shaw and Luke Houghton 15lb 14oz
2nd Tom Sumner and Dave James 5lb 12oz
3rd Steven McCormick,Ryan Robinson and Marcus Nickson 5lb 11oz

Thanks to everone who took part :fsm: :fsm: :fsm: :fsm: :fsm: :fsm: :fsm: :fsm: :fsm:
Only one pic to follow as one of the Juniors was taking the pics but he somehow deleted all the ones he took ,we will keep his name between me and him ok Chez lol

ste hammy snr
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Re: Pilks Juniors/Adults match Sandy's 12th July

Post by waggler woman on Sun Jul 13, 2008 2:53 pm

Cheers Ste, Very Happy enjoyed it cant wait for the next one on carriage Smile
waggler woman

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